laboratory leadership

Are you afraid to apply for supervisory positions because you don’t think you meet all of the job requirements?

Would you like to know the key skills of leaders who have influence in the laboratory?

Then this book is for you.
In this book you will learn exactly what it takes to transition from the bench to a supervisory role feeling equipped and prepared to lead. The purpose of this book is to help you the medical laboratory professional not feel so frustrated like many others in the profession when it comes to obtaining the necessary skills to successfully climb the leadership ladder. Some of the tips that you will learn in this book include

leadership roadmap
  • Creating your leadership roadmap

  • Skills every leader needs to have to succeed

  • How to position yourself for leadership even when you have no previous management experience

  • Standing out above the crowd to get the recognition you deserve

  • And more!

Meet the Author

Tywauna Wilson

Tywauna Wilson is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, medical laboratory scientist and an award-winning leadership maven who trains and coaches movers and shakers how to level up their skills so that they stand out, get promoted, and get paid. She owns Trendy Elite Coaching and Consulting which focuses on transformational change by equipping leaders with the personal growth tools and expertise needed to be successful influencers in the workplace and in their local communities. Trendy Elite uses proven leadership methods in its training programs, leadership assessments, and coaching programs. In addition to the leadership training programs with Trendy Elite, Tywauna is the host of “Leadership Tidbits with Coach Tee Wilson”, “S.O.S for Leaders”, and “eLABorate Topics” podcasts on the Direct Impact Broadcasting Network.

Tywauna started her leadership journey in the clinical laboratory as a medical laboratory scientist providing complex testing to aid clinicians in accurate diagnosis and patient care. With over 15 years of experience, she has served in a variety of progressive leadership roles, with her most recent being the System Technical Director of Chemistry for one of the top regional labs in the Dayton, Ohio community. In this role she provides clinical expertise, strategy, standardization, and collaboration to five hospitals, two free-standing emergency departments, and a core reference laboratory.